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The Start of Something Big: Creating a New Reality

A 12 week Mastermind/Coaching Course to Breakthrough and Start Achieving Your Most Important Goal

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I bet you had big goals back in January when you were excited, enthusiastic and confident you were going to achieve them this year?   Remember?  New Year’s Resolutions.


How many of your goals are you still working towards?  Have you reached any of your goals yet?  Do you have a solid plan for achieving those goals?


If you’re like most then you have given up or curtailed the goals you had originally set for yourself.  Don’t feel bad or hopeless.  You're not alone, in fact it's the norm.  It’s difficult to do it alone.  Support, Support and even more Support.  I bet you're lacking the support to keep you motivated.  This Mastermind Group just may be what you need to turn the corner.


If this is you then I have something that just might help... 


It’s a 12 Week mastermind/coaching course designed specifically to help you achieve the goal that is most important to you. It's called...


Creating A New RealityA 12-Week Program to Start Achieving Your Most Important Goal


Most people don't know how to put together a solid, detailed, plan of action to get closer to achieving their goals and the life they envision for themselves. They don't know how to move beyond the limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors that trip us all up. This breakthrough program will help you create that plan and understand what is preventing you from success, so you can regain the momentum and enthusiasm you had at the start the year.  Once you learn how you can achieve your main goal, you will be able to apply this process to all of your goals!!


I want to help you get started immediately so I am offering this course at a discount for the first 5 people who join.  This special offer is for a LIMITED TIME.


This course includes:


  • (2) 90 min teleclasses per month.  This will include group discussions and group coaching. 


  • Handouts and instructional materials for further clarification. 


  • A minimum of 1 hotseat opportunity per month.  A hotseat is a specialized allocation of time that you will have during the teleclass to have your specific challenges addressed by myself and others in the group.


  • Emotional Healing: Based on an exceptional method to reduce or even eliminate your emotional baggage effortlessly and easily.


What will you get in this course?   

  • Create an absolute clear vision for the goal you want to achieve.
  • Develop a detailed action plan of the steps necessary to progress towards your goal.
  • Determine if you have the optimal environment for progressing towards your goal, and if not, optimize your environment so you do.
  • Support from myself and the group members to keep you on track and enthusiastic.
  • Bi-weekly assignments to keep you accountable and on track to achieve your goal.
  • E-mail access to help with difficulties and challenges you may be facing in between scheduled class sessions.
  • Discover the psychological challenges and obstacles that may be keep your stuck or preventing you from progressing towards you goals, and techniques to move through them.

    To register:  Please complete the consultation request form below by clicking on Schedule an Appointment.  There is a short interview process to make sure you are a good fit for this Mastermind Group.  The group is only as powerful as the amazing members who join it.

    Start Date: April 26, 2018   Time:  5:00 - 6:30 pst                   



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